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Large 10 Inch Bundle
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“Ceremonial Sage Bundles” Ceremonial Desert White Sage SALVIA APIANA, is a perennial that grows wild in Arizona, California and New Mexico. Sagebrush has been historically used by Native Americans for spiritual rituals, medicinal healing, cordage and basketry. The fruits, leaves and seeds are used fresh, dried or pounded into a meal. Desert White Sage is important for native wildlife and is eaten by sage grouse, rabbits, mule, deer and elk. White Sage has been studied for many uses in herbal medicine and a study performed by the University of Arizona in 1991 demonstrated that Salvia Apiana has some antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. During cold & flu season many people believe that smudging the home can be an effective disinfectant. Traditional Smudging Ceremonies use the smoke, from burning the herb, as a way to cleanse the body, an object, or a specific area of negative influences or evil spirits. Wild Crafted & Handmade By Native Americans in Arizona, USA