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About Plantopia

Plantopia, Inc. was founded in 2002 with two thoughts in mind.

"Celebrate the wonders of the plant world and give something back."

It is our mission to offer and create plant based, botanical products for body, bath & home that contribute to promoting the use of organic, natural, sustainable & earth-friendly products. Through the sale of our products we will in return make donations to organizations that support the wellness of the earth.

Plantopia started with the successfully launch of its first product line of handmade, plant based, botanical soaps. Over the years we have expanded to include pure steam distilled & cold pressed essential oils, organic floral waters, natural plant based incenses, herbal bath teas and our Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts. In addition we now offer many other natural alternatives to commercial skin care, such as mineral based deodorant sticks and skin nourishing carrier oils. The discovery of Soap Nuts for Laundry came about from our own personal quest to detoxify our own home from from artificial fragrances and chemicals.

Plantopia's products do not contain artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives, are scented using 100% pure essential oils and colored with organic herbs and herbal infusions. Plantopia's soap labels are printed with vegetable based inks and made with 100% post consumer fiber. The same is true for our gift boxes. The decision to obtain eco-friendly packaging was an expensive decision for a small start up organization. The decision was made in a desire to hold true to our own beliefs and in an effort to set an example for others to follow. Our first sale was in December of 2002 to Mr. Tom Shaginaw of Tampa, Florida. When he learned of our slogan "Buy Three, Plant A Tree" he purchased one of our 3 bar gift boxes and helped us to plant our first tree through the Trees Across America Campaign. This campaign was sponsored and supported by Earth Day Network and American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program. It is the support of loyal customers, friends, family and organizations that share in our visions that make all our efforts worthwhile.

As we continue to grow we look forward to introducing new products, planting more trees and finding new ways to contribute to Mother Earth. Thank you for your kind support.