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About Our Soaps

Plantopia's soaps are handmade from scratch using a cold process method. We select only the finest certified organic, natural food grade plant & vegetable oils, 100% pure essential oils and certified organic herbs & herbal infusions for our ingredients. We NEVER use artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives.

Our base oils are certified organic and all natural food grade olive, coconut, palm, jojoba, avocado, shea butter and palma christi oils. We could choose less expensive oils, but then our soaps would not be as luxurious. To create our soaps, these oils are combined with an alkali solution of distilled water or herbal infusions and sodium hydroxide. The resulting chemical reaction is known as saponification. When the process of saponification is complete, the oils and alkali solution have been converted to create a pure and natural soap that contains glycerin. In addition, we carefully calculate our formulas to ensure that additional oils will remain in each bar of soap. We believe that adding these extra or unsaponified oils result in creating a milder and more luxurious soap that is gentle and moisturizing to the skin.

Our sea soaps are specially formulated to lather in salt water and were created with our seafaring customers in mind. We often hear from our customers how great it is to be able to wash up while out at sea. Our sea soaps are also made using the cold process method and follow the same guidelines as our other soaps. The recipe for our sea soaps was formulated after extensive research and is primarily comprised of coconut oil with the addition of a few other secret vegetable oils that add to its lathering capabilities.

Since all of our soaps are handmade and cut by hand you may notice small variations in appearance. It is our belief that these small variations add to the character of our soaps and are proof that they are indeed handmade, from scratch. All of our bars are round and approximately 3 inches across. Each bar weighs 4oz or slightly more.

We take great care in selecting the ingredients for our soaps and list them proudly on our packaging. We suggest that all customers should perform a skin patch test, as you would with any and all soaps or skin care products, prior to using. We recommend our Bar None Unscented soap for infants or small children under the age of four. If you have any questions about our soaps, please do not hesitate to contact us. If irritation or allergy occurs, discontinue use.